Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bottle Rockets Self-titled [1993]

It wouldn't be right not to celebrate this week's 3dd Artist of the Week , the Bottle Rockets', on here, seeings how this blog is named after one of their songs. This will be the first out of many BoRox related posts this week. Hopefully one day this'll get reissued (preferably on vinyl) but until then here's their long out-of-print eponymous debut album -
Bottle Rockets [1993]
1. Early in the Morning
2. Gas Girl
3. Trailer Mama
4. Wave That Flag
5. Kerosene
6. Every Kinda Everything
7. Got What I Wanted
8. Manhattan Countryside
9. Rural Route
10. Bud Nanney Theme
11. The Very Last Time
12. Hey Moon
13. Lonely Cowboy

1 comment:

  1. great record, great rock and roll band
    one of my favs ever...
    saw them playing live two times in Spain
    wonderful songs "kerosene" and "wave that flag"