Monday, September 27, 2010

Free Music!

Sorry about the hiatus... been busy...

Since I wrote this weeks 3dd Artist of the Week feature on the criminally underrated Richmond Fontaine, I figured I'd pass along that they have a free live EP available on their bandcamp page. Check it out, it's a great oldie set from 1999 - quality is top notch.

Also I'm sure you all know Kelly Kneiser from Glossary has a free ep available for download here. If you don't already have Glossary's The Better Angels of Our Nature and Joey Kneiser's All Night Bedroom Revival pick them up while you're at it.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Cousins (Patterson Hood, Jason Isbell, Shonna Tucker) 7-25-2004

Summer Cousins (Patterson Hood, Jason Isbell, Shonna Tucker)
The Carringtons BBQ, Richmond, Virginia
July 25, 2004

Disc One:

1. Intro
2. Miss Me Gone
3. Rising Son
4. Whisper
5. I'm In Love With a Girl (Big Star)
6. Crystal Clear
7. Too Much Sex, Too Little Jesus
8. Box of Spiders
9. Kiss My Baby
10. Tails Facing Up
11. Goddamn Lonely Love
12. 18 Wheels of Love

Disc Two:

1. Never Gonna Change
2. Demonic Possession
3. Outfit
4. Heathens
5. Danko/Manuel
6. Nine Bullets
7. All These Years (Mac McAnally)
8. Margo & Harold
9. Big Tits & Bush
10. Road Cases
11. Decoration Day
12. Daddy's Drinking Bourbon (Mama's Drinking Gin)

Disc Three:

1. Buttholeville
2. Banter
3. The Day John Henry Died
4. Pay No Attention To Alice (Tom T. Hall)
5. The Assassin
6. Banter
7. Quaalude Banter
8. 867-5309 (Tommy Tutone)
9. My Sweet Annette
10. Hurricane & Handgrenades
11. Let There Be Rock