Friday, June 25, 2010

Patterson Hood - King Kong '76

Here's a demo of the track that became "Pride of the Yankees"

King Kong '76
King Kong dropped the girl fell off the building
they both went splat and that was that for beauty and gorilla

King Kong kept the girl crashed the planes and lived to tell the tale
of profiteers brought down in tears as he slept with Jessica Lange and Dino D.L. can go to hell in the city

Dino D.L. can go to hell in the city

Patterson Hood – Feb. 2, 2005 on piano


also (for your listening pleasure) here's a different take of Pollyanna than what's on Murdering Oscar

(also be sure to check out my dear friend Lurleen's great interview with Patterson over at Alabama Ass Whuppin)

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  1. just found your blog. wonderful stuff. thahk you