Friday, June 11, 2010

Alabama Ass Whuppin'

Live and Loud Way Down in Georgia, 1999
recorded LIVE in Athens and Atlanta fall 1999
(2000 - Second Heaven Records, rereleased 2002 - Terminus Records)


Why Henry Drinks, Lookout Mountain, The Living Bubba, Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus), Don't Be in Love Around Me, 18 Wheels of Love, The Avon Lady, Margo and Harold, Buttholeville, Steve McQueen, People Who Died, Love Like This

This one is out of print right now and probably will be for a while. Burn it if you can find it. I'm quite proud of this album, and will see to it that it gets reissued one of these days, but this just isn't the time.
Patterson Hood

updated link, bundled with Adam's House Cat Town Burned Down

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