Thursday, April 14, 2011

DBT: Go Go Boots Unzipped

Stripped down versions of Drive-By Truckers' most recent album, Go Go Boots.

Painstakingly culled from in-stores/demos/webisodes/radio spots, etc.

(apologies for the shitty artwork ((on my part, not the great Wes Freed's))

1. I Do Believe
2. Go Go Boots
3. Dancing Ricky
4. Cartoon Gold
5. Ray's Automatic Weapon
6. Everybody Needs Love
7. Assholes
8. The Weakest Man
9. Used To Be a Cop
10. Fireplace Poker
11. Where's Eddie?
12. Thanksgiving Filter
13. Pulaski
14. Mercy Buckets
15. When I Ran Off & Left Her (Vic Chesnutt cover)
16. I Hear You Hummin'


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  1. glad you are back. thanks for the truckers

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